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What size tip does waterproof spray machine use?
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What size tip does waterproof spray machine use?

Now the use of waterproof spraying machine is more and more widely, the principle is to use high-pressure airless spraying machine, coating THT waterproof spraying machine 89s, flow 20L, can be used for project waterproof coating construction, polyurethane waterproof coating, two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, single-component polyurethane, JS penetration crystallization, cement-based waterproof coating spraying。

Waterproof coating sprayer

This machine is characterized by fast speed, high efficiency, wide spraying range, can connect more than 100 meters of high pressure pipe, greatly reducing the cost of manual use, manually do waterproof several hundred square meters a day, and the machine can do waterproof more than 5,000 square meters a day.

What types of nozzles are used in waterproof spray machines?

This is not absolute, to see the construction requirements, also see the type of waterproof coating, if it is super thick type of waterproof coating, add less sparse, so you can choose a larger caliber of nozzle, such as 555, if it is the general type of waterproof coating, add some thin, you can choose 539,537,635 and other types of nozzle。

This and width requirements are also related, some engineering surface does not need too large width, can choose the first digit small nozzle, if it is some engineering, wide area, large amount of engineering, you can choose 5 beginning, or even 6 beginning, 7 beginning, can spray a wide area.

After spraying waterproof coating, remember to clean the machine, if it is a corrosive coating, to choose the appropriate thinner, thoroughly clean the machine, lest corrosion of high-pressure pipe, corrosion of the pump body, causing damage to the machine.

In addition, generally speaking, domestic nozzle, spray 1 square has to be replaced, of course, may be 5000 square will replace a, it has something to do and the type of paint, if it is import a lot of nozzle can be sprayed to ten square, it related to the quality of the material, poor quality of waterproof coating will certainly did a lot of wear of nozzle.

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