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What kind of putty spray machine is not reliable
Release time:2019.07.13    Sources of news:Qingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing:

Buy putty machine to pay attention to what, what kind of putty spray machine is not reliable?

1, flow boast exaggerated, such as the same appearance, almost pump body spray machine, flow is 30L, even 35L, do not understand the person at first glance, feel that the other machine flow so large, the price is cheaper than painting THT putty spray machine, feel that the painting THT spray machine is not cost-effective, the price is too high.

But think carefully, and other brands than, and imports of machine solid rick, 833 is how much flow, 17L, then a domestic brand of the machine to 30L, it is possible, this is obviously an exaggerated component, flow is so exaggerated, so other performance, you can imagine.

2, on the origin of ambiguous, some machines on the net, with Germany imports, imports in the United States, is playing the ball, the following a few small, Germany imported technology, a lower case on one side, if not found, was really think is machine imported from Germany, actually knowledgeable person all know, Germany and the United States are the two brands, from appearance to know other people in one fell swoop, namely the south a factory machine, stick a card, pretend to be imported, gather together from the name, such as theory, Depp, solid Eric what of, and imported brand, even confusing in the model, import models is GH833,Then the domestic machine also USES this model, making the customer think that this machine is imported。

3, video is very gorgeous, promise very beautiful, ask whether the results can pull to the site to try, and then a variety of excuses.

Such machine should polish the eye, be the same as on market, perhaps taking oneself be bored with child pink gush gush try, also want to make clear, why dare not try on site, what be bored with?

Above a few points, it is a few matters needing attention that tu huite putty spraying machine sums up, buy putty spraying machine to pay attention to above a few points, can prevent to be deceived, bought improper machine to come back。

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