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Is the putty spray opportunity eliminated?
Release time:2019.08.16    Sources of news:Qingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing:

Many people ask whether putty spraying will be eliminated?

Be in actually abroad, some buildings, it is to assemble rise, for instance metope is poured first build, the surface is repaired with be bored with child level off, carry a wall upstairs again.

It's not the same as residential construction in China.

Many foreigners are not putty,。The purpose of putty scraping is to repair the defects of the base material. If the base material is smooth enough, you can paint directly without scraping putty.

This is the material that bases material to decide, blow after all not blow be bored with child.

When one day metope is handled, when assembly line works, perhaps be bored with child spray machine can be eliminated.

But be in China, this trend still did not appear, when a large number of residence are built to hand in period, metope is not level off, when decorating, need asks be bored with child worker to blow, perhaps be to be bored with child gush machine spray.

So, to be bored with child spraying opportunity won't be eliminated, of this problem speech premature, to some edge horn, personalized residence, batch assembly line production metope is not realistic。

And the price of putty spraying machine will be lower and lower, more and more transparent, until one day the machine is not needed, with the development of technology, there will be a series of automatic tools.

Automatic mixing machine, automatic spraying, free workers' hands, also protect workers' health, reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases, and even automatically polish the wall.

On that day, the present putty spraying machine will be obsolete。


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