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Open a high-pressure airless spray machine shop to make money?
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Open a high-pressure airless spray machine shop to make money?

There are many people concerned about this problem, in this industry for a long time, whether it is to sell the sales of machines, or work contractor, see others busy shop, feel very profitable, so often germination, want to own shop, when the idea of the boss.

This idea is understandable, understand painting equipment, want to earn more, then open a shop is a good choice.

And there is a trend in recent years, online business has become more and more difficult, taobao, spell of blossoming, coating equipment accessories online is the cabbage price, competition is intense, less and less online customers, online store is a grocery store, since there are too many kinds of coating equipment and accessories, unable to focus on sales, and many customers want to see real, try the effect of spraying machine, spraying the scene feeling, so open a store is a good choice。

Of course, open a high-pressure airless spray machine shop, generally speaking still make money, so what circumstances make money, there is no possibility of not making money, this is of course some.

There is no profitable business, no 100 percent profitable business, so what is the perfect link?

Before you open a shop, ask yourself, can you fix a machine?Do you understand the principle of airless spray machine? Will the commonly used accessories be replaced?

Are people well prepared?

Set up shop actually needs 3 people to be able to, you see you accord with do not accord with, the first boss, also be to run sale, go selling equipment, the 2nd maintenance master, the shop should have the maintenance worker that understands a machine, the 3rd has the shop, tube stock, greet a guest, receive money, do zhang, this is a basic configuration.

2, before opening a shop, to see if you choose a suitable location?

Are there any other stores already open in this area? Is there any market for you?By the way, are there many people decorating this place?The number of people who need these machines, and the availability of engineering work, is important.

Another location, is it suitable for parking?Is there a place for a demo?

3, attention, shop at the beginning, not necessarily make money, the first year of capital preservation is very good, do publicity, attract customers, not to make money for the purpose。

In the second year, the third year, if you can be conscientious in your business, do a good job in customer management and market management, then it is not difficult to make money.

4. Will you have any more?Know which painting equipment is popular now, know which work, which equipment to use.

Must be proficient, so can open the shop well。

5, find the right supplier, spray machine quality, service in place, whether to give credit, which is also very important for capital turnover.

Paint huite putty spray machine, and many such store cooperation, for many spray shop provides a chance to make money, let you realize the dream of a real boss.

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