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     Qingdao THT is a professional coating tool manufacturing company specializing in the development and sales of spray painting machines.
THT has a factory of 10,000 square meters,  we have its own research and development center, production and processing center and sales center, with a large number of precision processing of world-class equipment。

    We are committed to using the best materials, techniques, and the most stringent technical standards to produce the most durable applicators to meet the customer’s Demand.

    We have electric series spraying machine, Gasoline  or diesel engine hydraulic series piston spraying machine, road marking machine, pneumatic pump spraying machine, especially suitable for the external walls of modern building decoration industry office buildings, villas, hotels, shipbuilding, color tile, steel structure, bridge, etc。 

    We adheres to the principle of "honesty, innovation and quality", and provides each user with better, more durable and more powerful spraying machine.

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