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Is the putty sprayer online reliable?
Release time:2018.12.06    Sources of news:Qingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing:
Putty spraying machine Taobao a lot, the price varies from a few thousand to several tens of thousands, many people will ask the putty spray machine online to buy reliable, will be cheated?
The key is to see if you will buy, will not pick, if you close your eyes to buy, blindly cheap, look at evaluation, then it is easy to be fooled.
Now a lot of evaluations are brushed out, the key you have to understand, what machine can spray putty, small machine, diaphragm pump spray putty is not suitable, and soon it will be broken.
There are also online purchases must be clear, this business can invoice, not to open, but if the business can invoice, on behalf of a certain strength, and then ask the other party to provide a business license, look at the registration information.
If it is just a small hardware store, a small workshop, then it may not be able to provide a business license, and can not invoice, then such a seller to buy from the Internet, there will be certain danger.
Secondly, ask the seller for a video of the putty sprayer and see how it works.
In addition, do not pay the full amount, you can pay the deposit, after receiving the goods, check again, pay the balance!
In this way, we can guarantee our own rights and interests, and we will not suffer losses!
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