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What is the working principle of putty spraying machine
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What is the working principle of putty spraying machine?

Why be bored with child spray besmapper is compared artificially so much faster, be bored with child so thick, spray besmapper can spurt out, and do not block a gun, what principle is this?

Be bored with child high pressure does not have the principle of gas spray coating machine, it is to use high pressure plunger pump to transfer coating to the coating pipeline that closes ceaselessly namely coating, form high pressure in sealed space thereby, release the spray gun trigger that links at coating pipe end, make high-pressure coating flow forms atomization compulsively through fine nozzle, spray to wall surface

1. High pressure acquisition

2, high-pressure coating spray

At the same time we can talk about how to obtain high pressure, first turn on the switch power source, power source power source to the reversing mechanism, reversing machine

Putty spraying machine and artificial brush roller comparison, spraying efficiency is 10 times of the artificial brush roller, spraying cost is far lower than the artificial brush roller, spray coating flat and smooth, no brush marks, roller marks, easy to deal with uneven parts, and can save paint, coating adhesion is high, coating life is long。

The characteristics of high pressure airless spraying machine are compared with that of airless spraying machine

Specific advantages: 1, high spraying efficiency 2, coating rebound less 3, can be sprayed with high viscosity coating 4, coating adhesion is strong 5, a spray can obtain a thicker coating film。

Have gas spray, often waste paint, the workshop is fog, to personnel health caused a great impact, is also a waste of paint, and need to connect air compressor, more trouble

Machine replaces manual already was not a new thing now, manual roll besmear speed is slow, and existing hidden trouble, taller place is brushed fundamentally cannot, need to wait for a tool with the aid of ladder, and be bored with child besmear machine is

There is no such thing as this, you can take the extension bar, 1 meter to 3 meters, you can cover all the higher places one by one.

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