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Putty sprayer rent or buy it?
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Putty sprayer rental or buy?
Many customers say that the machines they bought are idle for a long time, and it is difficult to pick up the work, and some projects are lively, which can only be received by interpersonal relationships.
Buying a large hydraulic pump in a large putty spray machine requires a lot of money, ranging from 20,000 to 40,000. The machine that is too cheap is actually not good enough, and it is very bad when it is sprayed and sprayed. It is a very painful thing to be on the construction site.
But sometimes when you finish a job site, you don't know where to live next, so many users are considering whether to rent one or buy one.
I spent a lot of money to buy it, and it won't be used for a long time.
So it is clear that renting a flat is a good deal, but things are not absolute.
1. Buy a putty sprayer, which is equivalent to the tools you have to work on, and also bring benefits to your work.
2, buy a putty spray machine, you can also rent to others, but also make money.
3, sell a putty spray machine, your own machine has the final say, how to work, where to put their own decisions.

Let me talk about the shortcomings of renting machines.
1. Renting machines often cannot guarantee the quality of the machine. If a fault occurs, it is impossible to determine who is responsible, it is easy to cause disputes, and the maintenance cost is not cheap.
2, renting machines is easy, but also how the machine is still a problem, if you rent in Nanjing, but ran to work in Henan, will not come back for a while, can only be shipped back, then the logistics costs are very expensive.
3, renting machines is difficult to guarantee whether it is the same as the description, some live may say that it is capable, but in fact it is very troublesome.
Therefore, weighed clearly that re-leasing is more appropriate, it is best to find out, reliable people rent spray machine, or manufacturers, or easy to be deceived!
There are many advantages to renting a machine. However, if this business is carried out, it will also affect some people's cakes. Therefore, it is a long process to rent a machine. What is important is that machine quality problems can avoid many disputes.

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I have a ceiling. There is no news!
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