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Why can the putty sprayer spray 5,000 square meters a day?
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Artificial day putty is about 200 square meters, and putty spray machine can reach 3000-5000 square.
Especially the hydraulic pump oil sprayer, such as the coated 88s putty sprayer
Nowadays, the application of automatic spraying machine is more common. As a kind of spraying machine, the putty spraying machine is innovative in technology, citing foreign technology, and has certain advantages in spraying effect.
The putty sprayer uses the principle of high pressure airless sprayer.
Why have high-pressure putty sprayers been sprayed so fast in recent years?
1, only have a gasoline or diesel engine, power foot
2, the use of hydraulic pump technology imported from abroad, can make the putty paint better transport, reaching pressure of more than 250 kg.
Using a putty sprayer has the following benefits:
    1. Less environmental pollution:
    The scattering of paint mist and the emission of solvent are less, which greatly reduces the pollution to the atmosphere, improves the working environment, and improves the utilization rate of the paint, saving labor and materials.

     Good coating effect:

    For the basic parts of the complex shape, since there is no compressed air flow in the paint spray, the shielding effect of the fogging of the paint due to the rebound of the airflow at the dead corners such as the curved gap is avoided, and the coating effect is good.

     Putty coating effect is high:
    Color tile, steel structure airless spraying machine can spray 3-5m2/min per spray gun, especially suitable for large area and large object painting, which greatly improves labor productivity. Its spraying effect is 10 times of manual brushing, air Sprayed 3 times.
(6) Multi-purpose machine can spray mortar, paint, waterproof material and refractory material, regardless of regional and environmental conditions and the shape of the sprayed surface.
Wide range of applications:

    Paints suitable for air spray can be airless sprayed; high viscosity paints and touch sensitive thick film coatings that are not suitable for air spray can be sprayed due to high airless spray pressure.

    5. Good film quality:

    The latex paint spraying machine, the steel structure spraying machine and the color tile putty spraying machine eliminate the influence of moisture and dust impurities in the compressed air on the coating film quality, so the adhesion and appearance quality of the high pressure airless spraying coating film are good.
Therefore, the choice of manual spraying or putty spraying machine spraying, the efficiency is very obvious, of course, the putty spraying machine is highly efficient, spraying 3,000 to 5,000 square a day is no problem. It is much faster than manual speed.
Of course, you can't kill it with a stick. Many well-decorated houses still need to be scraped manually. The effect will be more detailed and get the approval of the owners.
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