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Is the home improvement putty sprayer easy to use?
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Is the home improvement putty sprayer easy to use?
THT spraying machine to tell you!
There are many manufacturers selling diaphragm pump spraying machines, which all say that they can spray putty, but a diaphragm pump is generally powered by a motor, which is up to 3000 watts and 4000 watts more. This power is not enough, and the diaphragm is not enough. The pump is made of oil and is very turbid and needs to be replaced.
The diaphragm pump sprayer has a flow rate of 16L, so that the hydraulic sprayer has no place?
Tuhui special home-made putty spraying machine adopts imported hydraulic pump, which can bring a lot of power to spray putty. Putty has a certain viscosity and thickness, while general latex paint, paint and paint are different. With a small machine in general, a diaphragm pump is possible.
However, if the putty is sprayed, even if it is a putty, it is necessary to choose a power foot, and the flow rate is large, so that the gun is blocked behind, and the machine is not worth the loss on the construction site.
There are many cases where the diaphragm pump machine is bad at the construction site, and it is necessary to add a lot of water to spray when actually spraying.
Tuhui special BM88s, BM86s, to BM87s, BM84s, spraying machine can be sprayed with engineering putty, home improvement putty, the effect is quite good.
Is the home improvement putty sprayer easy to use?
It's not that it's not easy to use, but the machine chosen is not right, but the skill of spraying is not enough. So, do you understand?

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