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Can you apply the putty putty sprayer?
Release time:2018.12.11    Sources of news:Qingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing:
Many people think that the putty sprayer is orange peel, so it can spray the basement, the garage is not demanding.
Then can the home-made putty be sprayed, and the wall surface should be smooth, smooth, and can the putty spray machine do such a job?
The answer is yes, the putty sprayer can also be sprayed with home decoration, and the spray is very good, which can save labor and improve work efficiency。
Artificial scraping can be 100-200 square meters a day, while putty sprayer can spray more than 3,000 square meters a day.
Spraying 2 times and scraping it again can also have a good effect.

The key is how to do it。 An experienced putty painter can make a good result。

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