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How is the effect of multifunctional putty spraying machine? Why is everyone using it
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How is the effect of the multi-purpose putty sprayer, why are everyone using it?

Different types of spraying machines are widely used, such as air spraying machines, airless spraying machines, pneumatic pump spraying machines, and putty spraying machines as a kind of spraying machine. Domestic production technology has become more and more mature, now regardless of Is it technically or on the surface effect of spraying, high-pressure airless spraying machine has a certain advantage, why is the high-pressure putty spraying machine popular in recent years? More and more people are used, what is the reason for everyone to choose?

  (1) Less environmental pollution:

    The scattering of paint mist and the emission of solvent are less, which greatly reduces the pollution to the atmosphere, improves the working environment, and improves the utilization rate of the paint, saving labor and materials.

     Good coating effect:

    For the basic parts of the complex shape, since there is no compressed air flow in the paint spray, the shielding effect of the fogging of the paint due to the rebound of the airflow at the dead corners such as the curved gap is avoided, and the coating effect is good.

      The interior and exterior wall putty spray coating effect is high:

    Color tile, steel structure airless spraying machine can spray 3-5m2/min per spray gun, especially suitable for large area and large object painting, which greatly improves labor productivity. Its spraying effect is 10 times of manual brushing, air Sprayed 3 times.
New multi-functional sprayer performance and advantages:
(1) There is basically no floor ash, water saving, material saving, and the cost can be reduced by more than 20%.
(2) The operation is simple, the yin and yang angles and the top plate can be sprayed freely, shortening the construction period, improving the progress, and saving the expenses of the frame material cost.
Fast, high efficiency, low labor intensity, easy to spray 150 square meters per hour, remove the preparation time, work 8 hours a day, can spray more than 1000 square meters, equivalent to 20 skilled workers hard work*.
(4) Small investment and large income. If each unit is sprayed with 1000 square meters per day, it will be calculated according to the average market price of 4 yuan per square meter, except for workers' wages of about 500 yuan. Other expenses are about 500 yuan, and each device can earn 3,000 yuan per day. Except for other factors, the annual income of more than 500,000 yuan is also expected. The quality of the project is guaranteed. The main disadvantage of the artificial powder wall and the previously introduced powder wall machine is the low degree of adhesion between the mortar and the wall and the compactness of the mortar. . The spray equipment introduced by this field has large flow and high pressure. (3MPa) can overcome the upper speed defect. The mortar density meets the national standards and avoids the troubles and losses caused by quality, construction period and wages.
(6) Multi-purpose machine can spray mortar, paint, waterproof material and refractory material, regardless of regional and environmental conditions and the shape of the sprayed surface.
Wide range of applications:

    Paints suitable for air spray can be airless sprayed; high viscosity paints and touch sensitive thick film coatings that are not suitable for air spray can be sprayed due to high airless spray pressure.

    (5) The quality of the wall coating film is good:

    The latex paint spraying machine, the steel structure spraying machine and the color tile putty spraying machine eliminate the influence of moisture and dust impurities in the compressed air on the coating film quality, so the adhesion and appearance quality of the high pressure airless spraying coating film are good.
Not easy to fall off, keep it for a long time, the spraying effect is also very good, the film thickness is also good, generally can be between 2-3mm
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