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Solved the problem that the nozzle and motor do not change direction for the customer
Release time:2018.12.13    Sources of news:Qingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing:
At present, more and more spraying machines are inexhaustible in China. Everyone is fighting for price and malicious competition. The quality of the spraying machine is a mess. The machines sold are not guaranteed, and the problems of the terminal customers cannot be solved in time. All the injured are end customers, who can understand the hardships and difficulties of the end customers, only THT, not only quality assurance, but also a good sales team, demonstration and after-sales team, really escort for customers .

  Today, I was deeply impressed by Baotou. A large-scale architectural painting company in Baotou purchased a 833 machine from a domestic brand for spraying external wall elastic putty (including cement-based). When buying, the manufacturers and customers promised the ceiling, waiting for customers. When the machine is pulled to the construction site, there is a problem when it is used. The frequency of the nozzle is very frequent during the spraying process, and the hydraulic heating causes the motor to not change direction, which causes the customer to not spray properly. 655 nozzles), the customer contacted the manufacturer to solve the problem, saying that it is sent to the maintenance cost is too high, the manufacturer is not coming, hesitating the construction period is tight, if you can not face a huge fine on time, the customer can not pay the manufacturer 2000 yuan labor The fee, the manufacturer promised to send someone to deal with it. The result is that it is normal to spray the material to block the nozzle, so that the customer can gamble the nozzle when the nozzle is reversed at 180 °C. There is no other way, the motor will heat up. I will take a break for a while.
On the same day, the factory maintenance personnel went back, leaving the customer to slowly explore, the time period is tight, so that the work will not be completed, the customer is ready to buy another spray machine, the customer will contact our South Korea Tu Fu spraying machine Sales staff, listened to the customer's experience, we recommend Tuhui special THT88S to the customer. We admit that the above problems will not appear on the Tu Fu special spraying machine, the customer will be suspicious, Tu Hui Te will dare to say, after satisfaction payment. In this way, we also sent the professional Baotou sprayer to the Baotou. We also sent professional sales and after-sales personnel to the scene to understand the situation of the nozzles. It turned out that the customers piled the materials beside the sand, while the workers were mixing and stirring. The sand that sticks to the bag is also brought into the bucket for agitation, which causes the nozzle to be frequently blocked.
We help our customers to change the environment of mixing putty. At the same time, they will have some common problems of the customer and the method of eliminating the problem. The customer sprayed more than 5,000 square meters on the first day of the coating machine. The customer told me that the machine is not blocked. Nozzle, and the pressure is very strong, there is no problem with the hydraulic motor heat change without contact, the machine quality lever is much stronger than the domestic brand machine he bought. The coating machine THT88S is dry one day than the domestic one. The brand machine has been working for 3 days.
The next morning, the customer sent the sprayer payment, and said with a thumbs up, your Tuhui special person is too professional, not only the quality of the sprayer, but also the sales representative or the after-sales service staff. Good at finding problems, better at solving problems, can really solve our urgent needs, Tuhui special friend I have handed over, Tuhui special products I will recommend it to everyone around me. After listening to the customer's words, we feel that the responsibility is great. The country does not know how many other friends like him are facing the same problem. We should speed up the pace and recommend the Tufu special spraying machine to every customer in the country to truly solve the problem for each customer. It is the initial dream of Tuhui, and it is our responsibility.
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