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Is the spraying machine a fraud? Reveal the secret of the putty spraying machine fraud
Release time:2018.12.14    Sources of news:Qingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing:

Spraying machine in the end is not a lie, why there are always many people say that spraying machine is false, simply can not do the desired effect.

Especially putty spraying machine, what is deception?Is that the truth?

Some customers buy the machine very carefully, personally to the scene to see the spray machine demonstration, but always feel that the effect is not achieved.

The person that does not understand be bored with child spray besmear machine is special to this problem care, want to know the truth of this deceit after all, see together below.

Said putty sprayer deceiving people were probably bought earlier or is really to buy fake goods, because of be bored with child sprayer in our country is not very long, the beginning of the technology is still not very mature, so just start to sell on the market and the effect of the putty putty sprayer gush performance did not now be bored with child sprayer is good, so lead to some users think putty sprayer is deceptive。

And as domestic putty sprayer production technology is more and more mature, the quality of the machine is getting better and better, more and more people recognize and accept the putty sprayer, lead to social putty soaring demand for sprayer, some businesses in order to make more money, poor quality of manufacture of be bored with child sprayer, then sell at a lower price, cheap to buy back after many greedy soil, found that can't use, will say putty sprayer is deceptive。

The point is that a lot of people don't understand, don't pick, don't know what kind of machine can be sprayed。

Choose the right flow rate, power of the machine is very important, if the choice is not good, is certainly not to achieve the desired effect.

Airless spray besmear machine gush be bored with child is orange peel shape, and a few pneumatically driven small machine gush out is dot shape, the effect is slower, these two points must differentiate clear.

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