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Scraping putty home furnishing room 3 rooms 2 halls, master Gao can finish it in 8 hours alone!
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Time is money and efficiency is life. The slogan of timeliness and hard work seems to be a common sentence today. It is not easy to achieve this sentence when it is not normal. Comparing people's own ability has a limit, so in order to achieve high efficiency, we can only use the power of tools.

For putty workers, the most important machine to improve work efficiency is putty spraying machine. For this reason, Tuhuite has developed many putty spraying machines, such as 86E, 86S, 87, 88, 89 and other machines, which can help putty workers greatly improve work efficiency.

Although Xiao Wang, who is several years younger than him, has not used putty spraying machine for many years. Since he contacted and used putty spraying machine, his work has been several times more than that of Gao Shifu, and his income has naturally increased exponentially.

So Master Gao also purchased a putty spraying machine through Tuhuito, usually scraping 100 square meters of putty a day at most. Now he can finish the ordinary three-room and Two-hall house decoration in 8 hours. With years of putty scraping skills, the lighting effect is much faster than Xiaowang who just started several years ago, so his daily income surpasses Xiaowang.

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