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Scraping putty takes only five steps to scrape putty quickly and well.
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I do not know if the operation process of putty scraping is like this: grass-roots treatment - coating binder (juice) - scraping large white putty - repairing and polishing - putty survival. Although there are only five short steps, they are still troublesome to operate. Especially the step of scraping white putty is slow and tired. Often one day does not rest, and the sweat soaks through the clothes. It is very hard to scrape 100 flat at most.

Therefore, according to the market demand, Tuhuite invented many putty spraying machines to help the putty workers to scrape putty faster and better。 Putty spraying machine operation is very simple, if you do not have specific operation, you can look at our other articles to learn。 Today we will talk about its construction steps, it also has five steps: grass-roots treatment - spraying gun spraying - twice spraying - artificial lighting - cleaning machine。

Despite its construction steps and traditional construction steps are 5, but the same three rooms and two halls can only be completed in a week, and the putty spraying machine can be used in a short day。 In fact, the speed of pre-grass-roots treatment and post-manual lighting can not be reflected, after all, these two parts still need to be completed manually。 But in the middle of the process of scraping white putty, it can be much faster than manual work。

The following video is the specific site construction, you can see how fast the bottom。 If you have any other questions and suggestions, you can add the Wechat message to the left of the page。

<iframe height=498 width=510 src='' frameborder=0 'allowfullscreen'></iframe>

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