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What are the advantages and disadvantages of diaphragm pump sprayer and plunger pump putty sprayer?
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We know that whether it is a home paint latex paint sprayer or a putty sprayer, there are plunger pumps and diaphragm pumps. What is the difference between the two?
Which one is more durable and better to use? Pumping is the heart of the sprayer. Choosing a good pump can be very helpful in terms of spray efficiency and durability.

Advantages of the plunger pump sprayer:
1, can easily handle high viscosity coatings
2. Under the condition of the same nozzle type as the diaphragm pump, the coating atomization effect is better.
3, more suitable for difficult conditions
4, low maintenance costs, replace the seal rod plunger can continue to work
5, sucking is easy
6. Start the machine only when it is required to spray.
1, the manufacturing cost is slightly higher

Diaphragm pump advantages:
1. Pressure control is good throughout the pressure range, suitable for large capacity conveying
2, the purchase cost is lower, the price is cheaper

What are the disadvantages of the diaphragm pump airless sprayer:
Need continuous work
Higher maintenance costs
Suction is difficult, and it is prone to cavitation, that is, air enters the pump 呗 (usually caused by insufficient force of the pump to transport the paint)
Cannot handle high viscosity coatings
Must be kept clean (small moving parts)
Need constant maintenance
Hydraulic oil leaks easily
Diaphragm often fails
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