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Putty coating machine in the winter use process needs to pay attention to the problem
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The problem that the putty paint spraying machine needs to pay attention to during the winter use

The weather is cold, and there are many precautions in the use of the sprayer.

If the sprayer's water is frozen or the water-based paint freezes, the internal pressure during operation will be as high as 10,000 PSI. Such high pressure may damage the sprayer's lower block or pressure sensor.

The best antifreeze method is: after you finish cleaning the system, the system is run with mineral oil, and the mineral oil will not freeze.

1. Do not place the sprayer under pressure. This may cause the pressure to rise and there is a safety hazard.

2. When transporting the sprayer between workplaces or leaving the sprayer on the vehicle between nights, the sprayer must not store water or water-based paint.
3. In the work gap, place the sprayer in all heat sources in the workplace, if the sprayer is filled with water or water-based paint.
4。 If water-based paint is sprayed, it may not be practical to use mineral oil to remove water。 If you must place the sprayer at the freezing temperature, use the pump body protection fluid to circulate in the sprayer to dilute the water, then drain with a return valve and place the return valve handle all the way to the return position overnight。
5. If the lower cylinder is frozen, thaw the lower cylinder before starting the sprayer. Avoid unnecessary damage.
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