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8 paint putty sprayers often make mistakes
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A good paint tool allows you to make a world different. However, it may also need to be used correctly. There are always some difficulties in learning about painting, but if you master it, it will not have a major impact on the quality of your work.
When you get to know the world of painting, you will want to avoid some common mistakes:

1, too much spray
The spray gun can be easily sprayed on the work surface. Keep in mind that it is easier to apply more paint to the surface than to remove the paint. Always start with a thin layer of paint and spray again as needed.
The progressive approach will save you the unfortunate task of trying to remove paint from the workpiece.

2, uneven mode
It may take some time to perfect your spray pattern。 However, even as a beginner, we can follow simple steps to produce results that look good or even even。 Gradually move the spray gun to the left or up and down to get the smoothest, most consistent effect。

3, the station is too close
Provide a little distance for your painted wall or object. If you stand too close, it will make your work look smooth, and in some parts will become thicker, some parts will be thin, only about 30CM will produce excellent Consistent mode.

4, don't be too lazy
Cleaning equipment before and after each job is critical to extending the life of the tool. Paint sprayers are often damaged by clogging, and even the most diligent sprayers will encounter this problem from time to time, but good cleaning will definitely minimize blockages.

5, do not forget to clean the hose
Although you can sometimes forget to wash the hose with water, when you forget it, you will find that the consequences are very serious. Cleaning the gun with water will eliminate harmful air bubbles, which may have a splash effect on the spray pattern.

6, ignoring the previous work
Before you touch the sprayer, you usually need to finish some work. If you put the putty, you must choose the right ratio and mix it with water. If it is spray paint, add a suitable proportion of the thinner to stir, and then mix it to the right ratio. Spray.

7, choose the wrong filter
The filter is the ultimate line of defense between the workpieces and is the cause of uneven paint spray. While taking appropriate precautions (such as diluting paint) can alleviate this risk, we can still reduce the risk from the right filtration method to maximize the spray.

8. Choose the wrong nozzle:
Choosing the wrong nozzle model will result in a much slower spray speed and, in the worst case, severe damage to your sprayer。 Smaller nozzle models are typically used for finer finishes, such as furniture, while larger nozzles are used for a wider range of painting jobs or for putty engineering。

in conclusion:
Using a paint spray tool can make a lot of mistakes。 However, if we learn to understand these details, we will take a lot of detours。
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