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Can more than a thousand putty sprayers be used?
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Can more than a thousand putty sprayers be used?

How much is the putty sprayer? Have customers asked more than a thousand putty sprayers to use?
First, we need to know what a putty sprayer is.

Of course, it is a machine that can spray putty, then what kind of putty spray machine is there, some are putty loaded with cans, and then sprayed with a bullet gun.
Some are machines that use buckets and are sprayed with air compressors. These machines are all sprayed out, but a little bigger, more than a thousand are not enough, and only a few hundred squares a day can be sprayed.

Then, if you can buy more than a thousand machines, you can buy a tank with a capacity of about 40L. Some people say that you can buy a diaphragm pump sprayer.

So more than a thousand diaphragm pumps can spray putty?
The answer is no, the diaphragm pump is used as a small home decoration, and the spray paint is almost the same. If you put on the putty, then you need to add a lot of water to spray it out, and it is easy to break the spray and become a one-off. Sprayer.
Therefore, we have to buy durable, usable living, then we should choose to apply the special putty spray machine, hydraulic high pressure and no gas, so that you can use it, and thick putty can also be sprayed.
If it is a thousand sprayer, it can only be done, it is not very meaningful, and it is easy to break.

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