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How to clean the putty paint spraying machine after use
Release time2018.12.22    Sources of newsQingdao THT Electromechanical technology co. LTD   Times of browsing
Why wash the putty paint sprayer?
Because this is to prevent the possible problem of paint putty blockage, when they dry, it will block the pump body of the machine or the high pressure pipe, spray gun, then the putty paint sprayer can not be used at all.
Don't be too lazy to clean it up! Keep in mind that when your paint sprayer is in a bad condition, it can cause serious problems and may even cause injury. You don't want to repeat everything when you are injured, right? In addition to cleaning, they must be stored correctly. Removing paint from the sprayer does not take much time. Believe me, it will make your painter putty paint sprayer last longer.
So let's get started! Here are the steps to keep the putty paint sprayer clean:
Prepare everything you need. If you use latex paint, your bucket should contain two glasses of water. If you use oily paint, your bucket should be filled with two cups of paint thinner. After preparing the bucket, pick up the paint sprayer and remove the inlet hose. Put the hose into the bucket. Then, put on your gloves and prepare another bucket. This time it should be empty, prepare a brush, it can be old, and finally, prepare two rags.
Remove the remaining paint. To ensure that the gun is not painted, spray the gun into the paint can. This saves money because it saves the rest of the paint. But be careful to ensure that even if only one layer of paint thinner is applied to the paint can, do not release it. Now, take the second bucket you prepared earlier and spray the remaining liquid. Continue spraying until you see a clear spray.
scrub! For this step, you will need to disassemble the gun and place the part in the first bucket you have prepared. When the part is soaked, take the rag and add the thinner. Now use it to clean the frame of the putty spray gun and remove any remaining paint. Then pick up the brush you have trimmed and use it to wipe off the paint on the parts in the bucket.
Store used paint thinner. To do this, you need to filter the paint thinner into its container. Use another clean rag that you have prepared to dip the thinner and then wash it.
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