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Where is the used putty sprayer sold, is it reliable?
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Where is the used putty sprayer sold, reliable?

Some customers want to save money, do not want to buy a new spray machine, and instead buy a second-hand putty spray machine, but some customers wait and see, but dare not start buying, afraid of being cheated.
So what do you need to pay attention to when buying a second-hand putty sprayer?
1. The second-hand putty spraying machine is generally taken back from the customer by a regular dealer. After the technical master checks it, it is resold.
2, when buying a second-hand putty sprayer, you have to ask clearly, what brand is it, how many years have been used, which parts have been replaced, especially the two core parts of the engine and hydraulic pump, whether it is original.
3. In addition, you need to ask for a video to see if the machine can be sprayed normally and how it is sprayed.
4, talk with the seller, whether the warranty, how to do after the sale, to sign a warranty contract, so as not to suffer losses.
5, and if you are buying imported putty sprayer, such as Graco 833, Wagner 960 970 940, etc., be sure to let the seller photograph the nameplate of the core components, check whether it is genuine.
6, there is to talk about what is standard, with or without spray guns, high-pressure pipes, nozzles, maintenance kits and other components, these are very important, if not, then you will spend a lot of money.
7, purchase channels, you can buy online, because we know that if you buy on Taobao, if there is a problem with the quality, you can apply for a refund, you can defend your rights.
8, of course, if face-to-face transactions are also very good, but also to sign a contract, so as not to use the latter is not good, no place to reason.

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