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Learn about the history of putty sprayers
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The origin of spray paint on putty spray can be traced back to the beginning of 1887. Joseph Binks invented the hand pump to spray paint with the help of cold water. This machine is used to paint on the walls of a shop where he works at a wholesale store in Marshall Stadium, Chicago.

Six years later, in 1893, Francis Davis Millet used his invention, and he served as the decoration director for the Chicago World Exposition in Chicago. With the help of Binks, Xiaomi used a machine to paint on the building of the fair. Although this time, the whitewash now contains a mixture of oil and white lead. This new application has become a topic of town because it takes less time than traditional methods of drawing.

However, it was Edward Seymour who developed an aerosol coating that could be sprayed through a compressed aerosol in a tank. Seymour was the owner of a paint company, Sycamore III, when he and his wife came up with a good idea of mixing paint and aerosol in a jar and then attaching a sprinkler to it. Then they realized that the surface of the compressed coating was very good. The development of all of this happened in 1949. Since then, his company has begun to modify its equipment and participate in new business. They started working with automotive and industrial machinery companies. Their development is at its peak.

In 1973, Big Spray produced only 270 million cans in the United States. This is based on the Consumer Professional Products Association. Then, aerosol paint rises and becomes the way we can easily complete dozens of DIY and home improvement projects. Today, more than 400 million cans of paint are produced each year in the United States alone!

However, this journey is not all positive, especially when teenagers start using paint to vandalism. Are you familiar with subway surfing games? It is almost like this, except for the chasing part, the destroyer can make money while running away. In any case, due to the increase in saboteurs, laws have been enacted to prevent young people from buying paint. Although the law has been established, there are still some people who snapped them up and used them for vandalism.

On the plus side, other companies such as Ironlak (Australia), Montana (Spain) and Molotow (Germany) can work with street artists by providing professional-grade modifications. Today, many clever street art is made with spray paint, and the effect is impressive. They all exist because of painting! No wonder millions of people are producing every year. Who knows that canned compression coatings can make a lot of things look great?

Now the technology of putty sprayer has become more and more mature. In the past, we only sprayed spray paint, water, latex paint and paint, but we didn't expect to spray such thick putty!
But now the price of putty sprayer has become lower and lower, and more and more people are using it. I believe that in the future, the putty spray machine will have more functions!
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