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Outer wall decoration method, real stone paint work can also be done!
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With the rapid development of economy, there are more and more "patterns" in exterior wall decoration. Originally, only the cement walls with basic colors have begun to use all kinds of real stone paint and latex paint to enrich the decorative effect.

Real stone paint is a kind of thick paste paint with strong decoration and imitation of natural stone, marble and granite。 At present, it mainly acts on the external walls of large buildings, public buildings and high-grade residential areas。 But the real stone paint is not easy to construct, and there is a danger of "falling at high altitude" when working in high-rise buildings。

Despite all these dangers, our workers often can't do hundreds of square meters a day. So Xiaobian here to recommend a machine, with it, whether it is true stone or latex paint spray speed will be many times faster than manual.

It is a real stone paint spraying machine. Its working mechanism is to spray out the paint through the pressure generated by the machine. But real stone paint spraying machine spraying real stone paint is very useful, but if the putty spraying machine is not as good as putty spraying machine, putty spraying machine spraying material atomization effect is much better than real stone paint.

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So if you are doing exterior wall decoration, choose the machine according to the specific effect of the machine to determine, different machines are applicable to different materials.

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