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What are the disadvantages of the putty sprayer?
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We know that the putty sprayer has many advantages, fast speed, high efficiency and labor cost. But what are the disadvantages of the putty sprayer?

First of all, we say the shortcomings of the airless putty spray: this is relatively high on the wall surface, the surface of the wall is flat to be sprayed flat, no need to manually scrape.

If it is a rough wall, there is a rugged place, and it is still uneven after the spray。 This generally applies to previously flattened, or repaired walls。
It is recommended to use the second speed of about 400 square meters per hour, and the sprayed putty concentration is thin.

If there are still shortcomings, the workers will not care about the machine and need some expertise to spray.

If you don't understand anything, it's easy to break the machine. For example, the worker is irresponsible. If the putty contains stones, wood chips, or other sundries, the pump body of the putty sprayer will be broken and the steel will be broken. Ball seals can also cause a lot of damage.

The other one is sprayed by air compression. This has the disadvantage of requiring manual scraping after spraying and opening the lid when adding putty. However, this can be applied to any wall surface and can be sprayed with high consistency putty, which is widely applicable to any wall surface because it does not affect the original construction steps. As long as it works, it is fast loading. About 150 square meters per hour.
Therefore, the putty sprayer is not a panacea, but also depends on how the construction people use it.
If used well, putty spray machine still has many advantages, but if you don't care, if it is a well-decorated house, it is critical to the machine, it is recommended to scrape it manually!

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