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Why not recommend buying a cheap putty sprayer
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Why not recommend buying a cheap putty sprayer

Many customers are at a higher price than in the era of higher and higher prices, and in the era of higher and higher labor costs, various expenses are rising, and many things have risen in price, up to rent, labor, fares, small When it comes to fruit, eating, the cost of seeing a doctor has risen. However, many people still want cheap putty sprayers.
Of course, four or five years ago, the putty sprayer was still a luxury item. The price of imported products was more than 60,000, and the domestically produced price was more than 40,000. Later, with more and more manufacturers, the price slowly dropped from 30,000 to 20,000. Even to 10,000. Then the putty sprayer will cut the price? Can you buy a putty sprayer for thousands of dollars?
The wish is wonderful, but even if the manufacturer produces thousands of putty sprayers, can you buy it?
1. The factory is being forced to reduce costs, and it is a vicious circle. Customers want cheap machines, spray machine manufacturers are cutting prices, then other manufacturers in the cycle who would have done high-end spray machines must also cut prices, make cheaper machines to cater to the market, or they will be forced to live without a road.
It is the Graco sprayer, which has seen a significant drop in sales in China in one year, but fortunately they have industrial sprayers, and other types of machines are supporting sales.
2. At the same time as the price is lowered, the quality will drop drastically.
The boss sighed and the purchasing pressure doubled, so the source must use cheap parts, from screws, to pump components, to seals, to engines, to hydraulic pumps, to tubing. Then the price is lowered, will the quality be guaranteed?
3, the price war is a vicious circle, it is bound to let the high quality spray machine buried.
Many customers buy machines and consider the cost of the project. This is understandable, but it also makes many high-quality sprayers buried and cannot win the market. Now the wine is not afraid of the old sayings of the alley, it is no longer applicable. Everyone is used to fast economy, the machine comes out quickly, the machine is cheap, but often overlooks a lot of things.

So in summary, can you still buy a cheap machine putty sprayer? Repeatedly demanding bargains, it is bound to have a great impact on their own experience.

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