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Real estate downturn, how about sales of putty sprayer
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lectric, gasoline engines, diesel engines, you can choose recently, the real estate industry began to downturn, such as Qingdao, some real estate, fell by 5000 per square meters, some good real estate can be sold before more than 30,000 square meters, now the actual transaction is about 24,000RMB/square meters.

This and countrywide estate market environment have a relation, whole market trades not good, quotation is very general.

So the real estate industry downturn, putty spray machine sales have any impact?Is there any relationship between construction master of putty spraying machine?

Relationship is certainly there, building stagnation, sales, decoration work, putty engineering work, construction master who live less, can't make money, then won't buy putty coating machine, and also consider the price of the machine cost, live so point, buy expensive machine was done a few times, put it, is simply a waste of money。

So expensive putty spray machine, he did not dare to buy。

Now many people consider buying cheap machines, second-hand machines, but also consider the quality of the machine。

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