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Why is customer word of mouth so important for THT spray machine
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Why is word of mouth important?Word of mouth, product praise, quality praise, will have customers。

This sentence is also suitable for THT spray machine.User word of mouth is crucial to the construction of THT brand and the popularity of the machine.

On the market, the brand of spray machine is mixed and disorderly, model is various, search putty on baidu or taobao spray machine, the price is very messy, a lot of brand that have never heard comes out, some appearance is about the same, some grow different.

At this time the customer has the choice difficulty disease, but many customers will listen to the friend's opinion, see in the friend in use, and the effect is good, will consider the brand.

A few days ago there was a customer, find THT, said the friend used is 87s putty spraying machine, the friend said the quality of the machine is good, with several years, the customer decided to buyTHT 87s putty spraying machine.

This and word of mouth is very have a relationship, when people you know, or friends, with this machine, saw machine usage and you personally, so it will be a lot less detours, not at the computer, to the advertising doubt, hesitation, do you want to buy the machine, but also worry about whether to stick a card machine.

Tu huite know very well, good quality, good quality of spray machine, is very important, in addition, customer service, after-sales can add points to the brand, the user said, the machine is really good.

If the customer's opinion, or the quality of the machine, then this spray machine brand is not long.

Therefore, user reputation is very important to THT spray machine, I think in other industries, the same reason, do yourself, can be recognized by others, in order to stand out in the fierce market competition。

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