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THT Pneumatic pump epoxy zinc-rich 45:1 plunger sprayer

  Detailed introduction:

THT pneumatic pump epoxy zinc-rich 45:1 plunger spraying machine
Product parameters:
Model: THT45:1
Cylinder diameter: 120mm
No-load displacement: 15L/M
Pressure conversion ratio: 45:1
Maximum pressure: 310bar
Machine weight: 58KG
Dimensions: 61*64*130CM
Product parameters:
Model: Tuhui special THT63:1
Cylinder diameter: 120mm
No-load displacement: 9.67L/M
Pressure conversion ratio: 63:1
Maximum pressure: 441bar
Machine weight: 60KG
Dimensions: 61*64*130CM

basic configuration:
15 meters 1/4" high pressure pipe 1
Putty spray gun 1
525 nozzle 1
repair tool
Warranty card
Sealing fluid


1. The displacement is particularly large. When spraying with the nozzle of the same specification, the hydraulic plunger and the piston rod move slowly.
It can effectively reduce the precipitation and agglomeration of such coatings, thereby reducing wear and prolonging the life of the sprayer;
The pressure is stable during spraying, which is beneficial to control and ensure the film thickness and film quality.
2. Many important structures are designed for the characteristics of inorganic zinc coatings, which are less prone to precipitation and agglomeration.
Important parts such as high pressure valve ports are not easily damaged or worn.
Can be sprayed with double guns;
Super wear-resistant plunger pump body;

Large displacement
Compressed air drive, safe and explosion-proof;
The paint spray has less splash, less waste, and saves paint and environmental protection;
Professionals spray up to 60,000 liters per year. Suitable for spraying various thick film inorganic zinc or epoxy zinc-rich coatings, also suitable for automatic shot blasting flow of various steels
Water line, spray inorganic zinc or epoxy zinc-rich workshop maintenance primer. Mainly used in steel structures, C-shaped steel, ships, steam
Cars, trailers, floors, railway vehicles, containers, pipelines, storage tanks, oil tanks, lifting equipment, bridges, sluices, etc.
Painting of large components.


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