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Electric 220V waterproof coating putty spraying machine

  Detailed introduction:
Choose our three reasons:
1. Each coating machine has a unique number, which is guaranteed by the number.
2, we can provide every accessory of each machine, including a screw, so that you do not have to worry about the replacement!
3, provide maintenance video, no longer worry about high maintenance costs.
4, provide invoices, after-sales protection
Model No. Support nozzle (inch) Maximum flow Maximum working pressure Motor power Machine weight
TK330 electric spraying machine
8 L/M 230bar 4 kW (two-phase power) 65KG

Standard configuration:
Tu cool TK330 electric spraying machine
THT168 putty spray gun
539 nozzle 543 nozzle nozzle holder
1/2in hose high pressure pipe 15 meters 4000psi
repair tool
Warranty Card
Instruction manual
3/8 connector 1/2 connector 360 degree rotary joint
Work clothes
Sealing fluid

Scope of use: large residential, commercial, industrial buildings, bridge floors, factory parking lots, underground garages, steel structures

Interior and exterior wall paint, putty powder, black cement polyurethane waterproof fireproof coating


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