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THT BM89C Fireproof coating sprayer

  Detailed introduction:

Product parameters:

Model: THT BM89C fire coatings spray machine

Power: 15 HP

Maximum working pressure: 280bar

Maximum flow: 20L/min

Maximum supported nozzle: 0.073inch

Total weight :135kg

Spraying rate: putty coating 10000 ㎡ / day 5000 ㎡ / day

Basic configuration:

20 meters 1/2" high pressure pipe 1 15 meters 3/8" high pressure pipe 1

3/8 joint 1/2 joint 360-degree swivel joint

1 putty spray gun

One 543 nozzle and one 545 nozzle

Maintenance tools

Warranty card manual sealing fluid work clothes

Job features:

During the spraying process, the performance is stable, can be sprayed thick putty and high viscosity materials (large construction site spraying asphalt paint and putty), power foot, can be connected to a longer high-pressure pipe (can be more than 100 meters), can be sprayed more than 15 floors of high-rise。Wide use, strong and durable, meet the requirements of the construction site, is the best choice for large construction projects and high viscosity material spraying.

Treatable paint:

Putty, paint, waterborne paint, anti-rust paint, dilutable volatile paint, latex paint, fireproof paint, filler, asphalt paint, waterproof paint, two-component paint, floor paint casting paint, etc。

Scope of application:

Common indoor and outdoor coatings, latex paint, putty spraying, heavy anticorrosion engineering, steel structure anticorrosion, waterproof paint, thin fireproof paint, industrial epoxy floor paint, etc。

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