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arge flow THT85sJS waterproof paint spraying machine

  Detailed introduction:

New large flow THT85sJS waterproof paint spraying machine

85s multifunctional putty coating machine internal and external walls diatom mud JS waterproof coating polyurethane waterproof coating black cement add glue white cement add glue paint latex paint talcum powder add glue putty powder other flow coating without particles is widely used


Flow rate: 13 l/min

Power: 9.0HP 4000W optional

Maximum nozzle: 0.061 in

Weight: 75 kg

Advantages: small size, large flow, can handle a variety of materials, quick to start, with wheels, can work in bad environment, a day can be sprayed more than 3000 square meters, the head can be up to 50 meters, can be connected to high pressure tube 100 meters。The pump body is easy to disassemble, and it is very convenient to replace the seal wearing parts。



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